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FEET HURT? - "We'll Put Your Feet Back On The Street" tm  With Lynco Orthotics and Aetrex Shoes.

Our business has been established in 
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma since 1993
We offer our expert services with 
20 years of experience.

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Myer Shoe Repair
In The News

BROKEN ARROW - After more than 30 years in the shoesmithing business, Myer Shoe Repair, at 852 S. Aspen Ave. in the Turtle Creek shopping center, has gone space age.

"As the baby boomers age," said Ross Myer, "they need relief from the aches and pains in their feet."

Myer recently installed an Aetrex computer foot-analysis system in his business. The setup uses state-of-the- art computerized pressure censors and 3-D imaging to provide customers with an idea of what types of insoles their feet need to feel comfortable while wearing their shoes.

"Everyone is affected with this and I feel good when people call back and tell me their pain is gone," Myer said.

In addition to the Aetrex system, Myer performs standard repairs on boots and shoes and he is certified by the American Board in orthodics, prosthetics and pedorthics.

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Cowboy boots, Work boots, Birkenstocks, and all shoes in between. We carry a full line of Vibrum soles for replacements. We shine Men's and Women's shoes.  We do Orthopedic work, Build-ups, and Wedges.

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