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About Us

I started out in Shoe Repair as an apprentice for an older Shoe Repair man on a part time basis. He taught me one step at a time, as I learned that step to his satisfaction, he would then show me the next step. This went on for two years; I worked to learn, without pay.

In 1980 he retired, and I purchased the his equipment and moved it to my place. He came to my place and tutored me for 3 more years!!! I lived in Colorado at that time, and would travel to Denver, CO to get help from a repairman that did most all of the rodeo cowboys boots. I also frequently attended  a shoe conventions to keep up on the current Repair products and new ways.

In 1982 I went to Vernal Utah to study and learn the art of Custom Boot Making, which I did for 11 years.

In 1993 I stopped making boots, because I wanted to focus on Shoe Repairing.   Shoe Repair is a better fit in Broken Arrow, OK.

In 2002 I purchased an "I Step" machine and learned the value of Orthotics for the foot. In 2005 we added Aetrex shoes to our store and in 2007 I added to my education by attending classes for shoe fitting.  I became certified in shoe fitting in Dec. 2007.

We remodeled our store in Aug. 2008 to accommodate the Orthotics, Shoes, and Copper Soles Socks, along with Shoe Repairing

Ross Myer, Proprietor